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20 octobre 2012 - 13 janvier 2013

Les associations libres, exhibition
Carte blanche from la maison rouge to the Dena Foundation

A project by the Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art
Curators: Chiara Parisi and Nicola Setari
Artistic coordination: Francesca di Nardo
Exhibition design: Chirstian Frosi and Diego Perrone

Alongside this showing of the Setari collection, la maison rouge has given the Dena Foundation carte blanche to present young Italian artists through a selection of reviews and structures led by independent artists. They play a vital role in keeping Italy's contemporary art scene thriving, after recent years of neglect by public institutions.

Within a space inside la maison rouge, surrounded by the exhibition of the Setari collection, the Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art asked Chiara Parisi and Nicola Setari to propose a presentation of the
Italian art scene today. Italy's contemporary art scene is rebellious and unpredictable. Attitudes are remarkable, powerful, but also astonishingly radical and poetic.
A "national" approach could not convey its full diversity, hence Le associazioni libere takes a different angle. It invites independent, artist-led structures and reviews to show this diversity and alternative projects happening alongside or concomitant to Italian public and private initiatives, and to present their idea of what art can be in a non-institutional context.
With artistic coordination by Francesca di Nardo, this project shows one aspect of Italian contemporary creation, seen through some of the alternative vectors set up over recent years, and through multiple and
ambitious editorial slants: as many representations of curatorial and artistic practices spread throughout the country.
All these initiatives - with their various ideological and political frameworks, often pursuing very different strategies to survive, some digital, some in print - stand out as a possible heritage left to society by Arte
Povera, a movement that reawakened our sensibility by expanding the artistic sphere and practices.
Lucie Fontaine in Milan, Cripta 747 which started out in Turin, and Cherimus in Sardinia are just three of these artist-run alternative venues. Among the reviews, Mousse and Kaleidoscope in Milan, Cura, Nero and Artribune in Rome are examples of the intellectual and editorial outpouring behind this renewal. Thanks to an international connection and unfailing solidarity, Italian artists worldwide who identify with these reviews and structures are demonstrating amazing vitality.
Established in 2001 by Giuliana Carusi Setari, from its offices in Paris and New York, the Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art promotes and develops synergy for Italian artists. Alongside the presentation of the Setari collection, the project at la maison rouge celebrates the inventiveness and creativity with which Italian art expresses its response to all forms of crisis, whether political, ideological, intellectual or indeed artistic.
Curated in close consultation with the structures, reviews and in particular artists Diego Perrone and Christian Frosi, who based their design for the exhibition on their first-hand experience of these systems,
the project shows recent works and special commissions.

La maison rouge - fondation antoine de galbert

10 boulevard de la Bastille, Paris 12ème
Open Wednesday to Sunday, 11 am to 7 pm
late nights Thursday until 9pm
closed December 25th, January 1st and May 1st


With the support of


November 17 - December 1, 2012
Primavera, exhibition
at Immanence, Paris

The artists of the Dena Foundation 2012-2013 Residency Program present their ongoing projects

Curator : Valentine Meyer
Artists : Santo Alessandro Badolato (Italie), Debbie Ding (Singapour), Matteo Fato (Italie), Elio Germani (Italie), Hafiz B Osman (Singapour)

With the support of the National Arts Council of Singapour


Primavera evokes certainly spring, but also new beginnings.
What does it mean to be an artist that restarts elsewhere?
How to inhabit a space where I’m just passing through without falling into standardization?
How to integrate the venue and create my own path in a forest of foreign signs?
How to manipulate the iconography in order to exit my own folklore?
How does Paris make me move?
How to proceed to pruning, transcoding, and translation?

Exhibition part of the cultural program hors-les-murs on the occasion of the exhibition Retour à l'intime, la collection Giuliana et Tommaso Setari at la maison rouge (Tram network) - 20/10/2012- 13/01/2013.



A l’occasion de la 4ème édition de Dix-sur-Dix, le Festiforum de la vie locale du Xème
et dans le cadre de son Programme de Résidences d’artistes au Centre International d’Accueil et d’Echanges des Récollets
Samedi 15 et dimanche 16 septembre 2012

la Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art vous accueille pour ses journées Portes Ouvertes

Depuis l’ouverture du Centre International d’Accueil et d’Echanges des Récollets en 2003, la Dena Foundation y promeut son Programme de Résidences d’artistes. A l’occasion de cet événement, deux journées Portes Ouvertes permettront de visiter certains ateliers d’artistes soutenus par différents programmes de résidences au Centre, parmi lesquels :

Baptist Coelho (Inde)
, artiste lauréate 2012 du Programme de Résidences Internationales Ville de Paris / Institut français aux Récollets.




Debbie Ding (Singapour), artiste lauréate 2012 du Programme de Résidence d’artistes de la Dena Foundation, Promotion Ana Mendieta, avec le soutien du National Arts Council of Singapour.

Elio Germani (Italie)
, artiste lauréat du Programme Leonardo promu par l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino et la IUAV, Université de Venise, dans le cadre du Programme de Résidence d’artistes de la Dena Foundation, Promotion Ana Mendieta.

Georg Holländer (Allemagne)
, artiste lauréate 2012 du Programme de Résidences Internationales Ville de Paris / Institut français aux Récollets.

Mark Lawes (Canada)
, artiste lauréate 2012 du Programme de Résidences Internationales Ville de Paris / Institut français aux Récollets.

La Mairie du Xème et la Dena Foundation souhaitent ainsi réunir, autour de l’art et de la créativité, des gens de différentes cultures et origines en proposant un moment de rencontres et d’échanges, et remercient le Centre des Récollets, l’Institut français, la ville de Paris, ainsi que la RIVP.




Centre International d'Accueil et d'Echanges des Récollets
150-154 rue du faubourg Saint-Martin, Paris 10ème


Avec la collaboration